What is PRANAVA?

Health is by far our most valuable commodity. Holistically targeting specific systems as PRANAVA does can enhance one’s overall well being by far!

PRANAVA takes pride in offering quality natural health products, founded on the concert of scientific studies and traditional herbal medicines, formulated to support the function and balance of key body systems, therefore, counteracting effects of the aging process or age-related chronic dysfunctions. Ultimately, our mission is to optimize and increase the span of a healthy and vigorous life.


The Sanskrit word Pranava signifies the giver of life-force, the first creative principle that is transformed into reality. In our case, it is the desire, intention, and action to bring imagined possibilities into actuality. This name defines the ultimate inspiration of PRANAVA, where we strive to meet the definitive goals to bring imagined possibilities into actuality of a healthy & fulfilled life. Our slogan “Love of Life” expresses our drive in creating one’s ultimate reality. Prana is the very life-force which permeates into all levels of our being and surroundings. Our values coincide with our name in essence, as it pertains to the compassion towards an individual’s life and personal goals. Life should be lived with the utmost aspiration to achieve our goals and desires with ease and bliss. It is in this spirit that we integrate our values with yours in merging towards a love of life.



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