Our Concept Of “Holistic”

Pranava adopts different concepts pertaining to the structure of general health. The numerous years of work and research in regards to the supplements have not only been observed on a scientific basis, but as well as on traditional approaches and concepts to the many derivatives in which sustain a healthy and balanced well-being.

~ Pranava’s ultimate goal is to create the maximum positive impact~

This outlook therefore encompasses the multi-faceted domains of health from one end of the spectrum including traditional medicines, to epidemiological studies, all the way to the other end of the spectrum, which includes scientific studies. It incorporates more than the mere idea of avoidance/absence of disease but rather references mental, spiritual, physical and emotional aspects to one’s well-being. The merge of these multifaceted domains allows a more “holistic” as well as natural product.

~ Pranava sifts through years of research for the best health results~

That which has been used long ago had no basis of scientific knowledge but rather had an understanding, while today’s methods have an overall knowledge, yet stray to more synthetic and chemical medication. Medications today address specific diseases and illnesses, but seem to abandon the idea towards the underlying causes which traditional medicines initially focused on. This is where we attempt to deter from this process by incorporating a merge towards a more defined “holistic” approach of natural ingredients with scientific understanding/knowledge. With a more holistic approach and the incorporation of the mechanisms by which our bodily systems work, we can target the body as a whole to consequently deter these diseases and/or illness prior to their onset.


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